When we breathe fully we bring life, energy and vitality into our body. Deeply held tensions and traumas in the body are released, freeing us up to more openness, joy and freedom in life

Group Breathwork Session (2hrs)

Explore your own inner world through your breath.

The perfect introduction to your breath and the chance to take some time out to re-connect with yourself and release anything that might be holding you back in your life.

Open up to what you are capable of being or simply bring the desire to feel more alive, you use your breath to re-discover your best self.

This session includes:

  • some exercises to lay the ground and to set an intention for the breathwork
  • a lying down breathwork session of about one hour
  • some time for reflecting on the experience and some personal sharing
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1 Day Workshop

What wants to happen in your life?

An opportunity to slow down and turn your attention inward. Through a combination of breathwork, reflection, movement and music you get the chance to explore your relationship with yourself as it is right now.

We will explore how you can, using the powers of self-inquiry and your breath, bring about a reshaping of your life – sometimes unexpectedly and very quickly.

In this workshop you will:

  • explore your breath during 2 BREATHWORK SESSIONS
  • learn how to access your inner wisdom through self-enquiry and create empowering commitments to yourself
  • go away with daily breath practises to release stress, sleep better, and feel more energised and alive
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Weekend Retreat

Often we want to change but we feel blocked in moving forward.


We will use breathwork, transformational exercises, self-enquiry and a safe and confidential environment to assist in letting go of the past and freeing stuck energy to create more love, joy and greater aliveness.

You explore how experiences from the past may still affect your life now. You learn how to use your breath to release these early imprints and trauma from your body. You leave realising that change can be easy, safe and permanent.


In this intensive you will:

  • explore your breath during 4 BREATHWORK SESSIONS
  • clear old patterns of behaviour that exist from birth 
  • develop a greater awareness of what you want to call into your life
  • gain a deeper understanding of your own breath patterns and how they impact you positively and negatively in your life
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One to One Session (2hrs)

A Deeply Personal Breathwork Journey



Individual Sessions allow you to look more closely, explore more deeply and resolve old patterns more efficiently.

Perfect, if you wish to explore a particular issue in your life using your breath as your guide.

You are fully supported by Ann who will encourage you to explore deeper into yourself than you would alone or in a group. All you need is an open mind and open heart and a sense of curiosity.

The session includes:

  • Beforehand, we will discuss your intentions and goals for yourself for your breath session.
  • The breath session itself that is conducted under Ann's watchful guidance. 
  • Afterwards we look at what you learned from the breathwork and see how you can incorporate any discoveries into your life.
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Private Group Sessions

A private group session allows you to experience breathwork in the privacy of your own home, community or club at a time that suits you. All sessions and workshops are tailored to suit the needs and intentions of each individual group. Sessions can be from two hours to a full day workshop.

Ann is also available if you would like to offer a breathwork session as part of your workshop or retreat.

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Keynote Speaking

Ann would love to come to speak to your organisation or community group about the impact of breathing in every aspect of our lives. Among the keynotes she delivers are:

  • Breath: Your Own Natural Inner Guide
  • Mindfulness in Action: Using your Breath to Create Change
  • Retelling Your Story: A Building Block for Change

Ann Moloney

I am a Certified Breathwork Practitioner and Coach with many years’ experience supporting people on their journey of empowerment and change.

If you would like to be kept uptodate with breathwork sessions, workshops or courses that become available,  sign up and I will keep you informed.